Child Abuse Prevention Essay

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Child Abuse Prevention

I. What is child abuse?

Child abuse is a very sensitive issue that needs to by carefully handled. Child abuse is defined as a no accidental injury or pattern of injures to a child for which there is no reasonable explanation. Child abuse consists of different types of harmful acts directed toward children. In physical abuse, children are slapped, hit, kicked or pushed, or have objects thrown at them causing wounds, broken bones, or other injuries. Severe abuse may result in major injury, permanent physical or developmental damage, or even death. Emotional abuse involves humiliation, dishonoring or other acts carried out over time that terrorize or frighten the child. Sexual abuse consists of a wide
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II. Mandated Reporters

Who are Mandated Reporters in California?
Social Workers
Law Enforcement
Fire Fighters
Probation Officers
Parole Officers
District Attorney investigators, inspectors and family support officers
Public or Private Day Camp, Youth Center, Recreation Program or Organization Administrators
Administrators and employees of child day care facilities
Headstart Teachers
Licensing Workers
Public Assistance Workers
Foster Parents
Employees of Child Care Institutions:
Group Homes
Residential Care Facilities
Health Practitioners
Psychological Assistants
Mental Health and Counseling Professionals
Dental Hygienist
Registered Dental Assistants
Licensed Nurses
Marriage, Family and Child Counselors, Interns and Trainees
State and County Public Health Employees
Clinical Social Workers
EMT's and Paramedics
Coroners and

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