Child Abuse Prevention

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today’s society, child abuse seems to be more and more prominent. This may be due to a hyperawareness of the issue. How can we help prevent child abuse and protect these innocent children form harm? Child abuse has been an issue, presumably, since the beginning of time. It wasn’t until the last couple hundred years that laws and activist groups began to form to help prevent child abuse. Child abuse can come in many different forms, it’s not simply limited to physical abuse, however, physical abuse is what many think of when considering child abuse.
It’s no secret that it exists and the number of reported cases per year is actually very alarming.
Child Help reports that, on average, there are approximately 3 million cases of child abuse
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In this essay you will learn about child abuse and a few methods on how to prevent it.

Child abuse has been happening since the beginning of time. Of course, before the legality of child abuse was even considered, it was a perfectly acceptable behavior. In fact, children were thought of as property of their fathers, much like women were thought of
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Emotional abuse can include ignoring, rejecting, or verbally assaulting a child. These kinds of actions can have detrimental effects on a child’s emotions and developmental progress at any age.

The repercussions of child abuse are most typically jail time. Some sentences may be less than others but it is most common in the United States for an offender to be sentenced to several years in prison, each sentence varying on the severity of the crime. However, many people believe the punishment should be harsher for individuals found to be guilty of child abuse. Rail heading this movement is the Davneport family in North Carolina. Their daughter Kilah, was abused by her stepfather and suffered several broken bones along with some unrecoverable brain damage. The Davenport family has since been the source behind the Kilah Davenport Act of
2013 (Lucas Johnson, 2013). This act has help standardize the punishment for child abusers around the nation.

The number of child abuse cases in the Unites States each year is alarming. This is why the prevention of child abuse is so important and must be emphasized to new parents or caregivers that are inexperienced. Several different steps can be taken to help prevent

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