Charles Darwin 's Theory Of Natural Selection Essays

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The belief in the superiority of certain people over others was what gave rise to the idea of Social Darwinism. Social Darwinism was started in the late 19th century, and was loosely based off of Charles Darwin’s theory of Natural Selection. Several people believed in this idea at the time, including an American writer by the name of Frank Norris. His belief in Social Darwinism can be seen in his writings, especially in his book McTeague. In, McTeague, several characters who start in the lower class, attempt to leave their current position in life by acquiring more money. The characters failed miserably in their attempt. Frank Norris wrote McTeague to illustrate his belief that people who are born into a lower social class, will remain in that social class no matter what. Two characters used in the novel to exhibit his views on Social Darwinism are McTeague and Trina. McTeague was an unlicensed dentist who had a low level of intelligence, which attributed to him being considered a part of the lower social class. Trina, like McTeague was also considered to be a member of the lower class because of her family’s background as immigrants who did not fit into American society. However, shortly before McTeague and Trina get married, Trina discovers that she has won five-thousand dollars in the lottery. This sudden surge of wealth appears to be great news for a soon to be married couple, however, that would not end up being the case. The money ends up coming in between the two,…

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