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Character List- round or flat Art Spiegelman- r * Art Spiegelman is the author and narrator of Maus, and also one of the story's main characters. * Born in Stockholm after the Holocaust, he is the only surviving child of Vladek and Anja Spiegelman. * He is married to Francoise, a French woman who converted to Judaism upon their engagement. * Maus centers around two primary narratives: Vladek's experiences as a Jew in World War II Poland, and Art's relationship with his aging

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* After his death, Vladek and Anja keep a photograph of their first child hanging on the wall of their bedroom.

Mala Spiegelman- f

* Mala is Vladek's second wife, and a friend of his family from before the war.

* The couple does not get along.

* Mala is consumed with frustration towards Vladek's inability to part with money, while Vladek views his wife with considerable distrust and accuses her of trying to steal his money.

Francoise- f

* Art's wife.

* She is French and converted to Judaism in preparation for their marriage to please Vladek.

* She is intelligent, kind, and opinionated, and their relationship is strong.

* She plays a relatively minor role in the story, serving mostly as a means for Art to discuss his relationship with his father and the Holocaust.

Mr. Zylberberg- f

* Anja's father.

* Before the war, he is a wealthy manufacturer who owns a factory.

* When Vladek and Anja are married, he provides Vladek with a factory of his own.

* He survives with his family in German-occupied Poland, until the family is captured and sent to await transport to Auschwitz.

* By bribing his cousin, Haskel, Vladek is able to arrange for the release of himself and Anja.

Orbach- f

* A friend of Vladek's family in Poland.

* When Vladek is a prisoner of war, Orbach claims him as a cousin, so that Vladek is released into his custody and eventually returns home to Sosnowiec.

Vladek's father- f
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