Chapter 3 Lecture Summary Essay

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Chapter 3 Lecture Summary

Josh Shorter

Chapter 3 starts out talking about the different kinds of laws. First is Constitutional law, which is law based on the U.S. Constitution, and the constitution of the various states. This law limits the power and limits of the respective governments. This law is carried out by the 10th amendment, which defines the powers and limits of the federal government. The next law they talk about in Chapter 3 is statutory law. Statutory law is the body of law enacted by legislative bodies. Federal statutes apply to all states while state statutes only apply to the boundaries of the state, then it is up to the local or county to determine their statutes if these only apply to the boundary of the city or county. Supremacy Clause, a clause in the U.S. Constitution, establishes that federal law is the supreme law of the land and shall prevail when in conflict with state constitutions or statutes. Ballot Initiative is a procedure in which citizens, by collecting enough signatures, can force a public vote on a proposed change to state or local law.

The next law in Chapter 3 they talk about is Administrative Law. Administrative Law is the body of law created by regulatory agencies in order to carry out their duties and responsibilities. The FDA has lot to do with Administrative Law because there has to be a safety seal on every container. Case Law is the next law they talk about in Chapter 3. Case Law is the rules of law announced in court…

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