Cause Of The Salem Witch Trials Essay

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Causes of the Salem Witch Trials There were many cases of people being accused of witchcraft throughout America during the 1600s and 1700s with many of these accusations leading to the deaths of the accused. But there is one event in particular that stands out more than the rest, the Salem witch trials. This event is the biggest massacre known of people being accused of being a witch in United States history. The Salem witch trials are such a catastrophic event that museums, documentaries and even a famous play the Crucible were dedicated to it. The three main causes of the Salem witch trials are believed to be a result of town’s folk being manipulated by their strong religious beliefs, the economic and political climate at the time or a mass case of ergot poisoning. Reverend Samuel Parris was offered a job at Salem’s church which he hesitantly accepted. Soon after Reverend Parris moved to Salem with his wife, daughter Elizabeth, niece Abigail Williams and two slaves named John and Tituba Indian. After some time passed his daughter Elizabeth and niece Abigail started to show signs of weird behavior that the local doctor, Mr. Griggs, believed to be witchcraft. Soon three others joined them in their abnormal behavior. But this was only the beginning. Soon more girls joined and then they started to accuse select citizens of Salem of being witches. The girls would say that the witches’ were tormenting them and trying to get them to sign the devils book. As days passed on…

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