Causal Argument Essay

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Causal Argument:
Will Lowering the Drinking Age Solve the Problem of Binge Drinking among College Students? Research has supported the observation that young people in America consume alcohol regularly; this prevalence of use increases rapidly during adolescence, as well as a few years afterward (Wagenaar and Wolfson 37). This has come to be a problem among college students. It has been shown through extensive quantitative and qualitative research that those under twenty-one years of age are able to obtain alcohol, which allows them to binge drink. Binge drinking holds many problems for college students: alcohol poisoning, DUIs, traffic accidents, and even fatalities.
In 1984, the federal drinking age was raised to twenty-one. This
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This change would therefore lead to less of an ability to justify binge drinking (Wagenaar and Wolfson 49).
However, the decision to raise the drinking age to 21 was on a basis of best interest for the safety and health of citizens, mainly young people. At the time of the passage of the act that raised the drinking age, the major factor that was in its favor was the situation with the number of drunk drivers that were underage. Not surprisingly, motor vehicle accidents (the leading cause of death and injury in this age group), homicides, suicides, falls, and other accidents are all strongly associated with binge drinking. Around 80 percent of deaths among young adults are due to these "external" causes (as opposed to cancer, infectious disease, or other "internal" causes), policies that change the ways in and extent to which young people consume alcohol have the potential to affect the mortality rate of this population substantially (Carpenter and Carlos 134). This has all been done as a result of clearly stated laws and appropriate enforcement of those laws.
Two main groups brought the seriousness of alcohol-related motor vehicle accidents into the public eye. The citizen groups of MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) and RID (Remove the Intoxicated Driver) have played a major role in the current policies on drinking age. Together with

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