Canterbury Tales, By Geoffrey Chaucer Essay

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In Canterbury Tales, pilgrims were making pilgrimages to visit the shrine of Thomas Becket. This pilgrimage started in a place called Southwart. The narrator of this story is Geoffrey Chaucer, who was born into the middle class and considered to be the greatest English poet of his lifetime. He spoke many languages including French and Italian. Chaucer was part of the government, so money was not an issue for him. Society had three levels at this time: clergy, nobles, and traders or general labor workers. The merchants and tradesmen were rising and becoming higher than lower class. These segments of society are breaking down because the middle classes are emerging into society. Chaucer depicts abuse of social classes, especially the clergy. The author of Canterbury Tales, Geoffrey Chaucer, shows irony through the tales of the Pardoner, the Monk, and the Wife of Bath. (intro). The pilgrims traveling to Canterbury are going to see the shrine of Thomas Beckett. This motive for traveling to Canterbury changes when the pilgrims realize how much money they could make on their way. The focus of the pilgrimage changed from going to see a shrine to worrying about the money the pilgrims could make on their way to Canterbury (Owen 5). The Pardoner’s purpose of telling the people his story is to trick them. When the Pardoner is telling his story, he is throwing in many details that do not make sense in order to try and confuse the people he is trying to steal from. While the Pardoner is…

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