Bus 650 Managerial Finance /Entire Class Essay

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BUS 650 Managerial Finance /Entire Class

Click Link Below To Buy: http://hwcampus.com/shop/bus-650/bus-650-managerial-finance-entire-class/ Or Visit www.hwcampus.com BUS 650 Week 1 DQ 1 The Role of Financial Management in a Firm
Examine the role of management as it relates to finance in a corporation. In your post, discuss the role of management by addressing the following prompts:
Explain the various aspects of finance that management must understand.
Describe why a manager needs to understand the characteristics and importance of financial markets including their liquidity, competitiveness, and efficiency.
Interpret the function of the Financial Balance Sheet in assisting in management’s decision making process.
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Video 2.1: Market Structures
Given the market structures as described in the video, find at least two articles from the ProQuest database that highlight and discuss two of the biggest challenges facing financial managers today in these varied market structures. Summarize your findings from the articles in a three to five page paper excluding title page and references page(s). Include how market liquidity, competitiveness, and efficiency impact financial managers. BUS 650 Week 2 DQ 1 Initial Investment
After reading Chapters 3 and 4 of your textbook, address each of the following questions:
a) Think of something you want or need for which you currently do not have the funds. It could be a vehicle, boat, horse, jewelry, property, vacation, college fund, retirement money, etc. Select something which costs somewhere between $2,000 and $50,000. Use the “Present Value Formula”, which computes how much money you need to start with now to achieve the desired monetary goal. Assume you will find an investment that promises somewhere between 5% and 10% interest on your money (you choose the rate) and pretend you want to purchase your desired item in 12 years. (Remember that the higher the return, usually the riskier the investment, so think carefully before deciding on the interest rate.) How much do you need to invest today to reach that desired amount 12 years from now?
b) You wish to leave an endowment for your heirs that goes into effect

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