Breath, Eyes and Memory Quotes Essay

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First quote
“Some of the students fell and rolled down the hill. They screamed at the soldiers that they were once again betraying the people. One girl rushed down the hill and grabbed one of the soldiers by the arm. He raised his pistol and pounded it on top of her head. She fell to the ground, her face covered with her own blood” (pg.34)

The passage, with all the descriptive words, had shown the unstable situation, political violence in Haiti. By this passage, readers can see the life in Haiti, the setting of the story. All the protest, soldiers, macoutes, corruption let the Haitians live in the fear, unpeaceful environment. This is the roots, the first reason lead to all the sadness, problems, and tragedy of the characters.
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The passage use a very normal language but its impress on me is not. After reading it, I can see the common between me and Martine. As a female, we both have a same dream. I feel so sorry and upset for Martine, for her sadness, her unsuccess, her broken heart. I can feel her lost in life, she can’t find the way to get out of the shadow and fulfill her dream but lean on Sophie. The quote made me know more about Martine.

Third quote
“They train you to find a husband, she said, they poke at your panties in the middle of the night, to see if you are still whole. They listen when you pee, to find out if you’re peeing too loud. If you pee loud, it means you’ve got big spaces between your legs. They make you burn your fingers learning to cook. Then still you have nothing.” (pg.136)

The passage let readers know more about Atie, about her anger. She is angry of her unfairness. She has done anything that her world, her life tells her to do. She’s been a poor woman with dirt in her fingernails, she has been a virgin with the horrible tests her mom gave her, she has been a mother of a child for 12 years, a daughter with all her duty. But what does she receive? Nothing. The passage shows the development of Atie’s character. Her sadness raise up more and more. This is the proof of the author against the “ideal woman” model of Haiti. ( which is has to be virgin, and belong to the others)

Atie is one of my favorite

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