Bram Stoker 's Job Took Flight Essay

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As Bram Stoker’s job took flight, he was able to do more research than he had done before through his curiosity in vampirism and the influences of current events during his time period. Once Stoker broke the surface of vampirism through word of mouth, he dove deeper, doing his own research and applying it to his novel:
Due to his work at the theater, Stoker entertained a wide variety of people, including the Hungarian adventurer and professor Arminius Vambery, who related stories of vampires in Eastern Europe. Shortly after this meeting, Stoker began researching vampirism. (Contemporary Authors 5)
Stoker worked for a good amount of his life in the theater and it was not uncommon for him to make new acquaintances. Meeting Vambery heavily influenced the direction Stoker took when writing Dracula. Learning about vampirism caused Stoker to dedicate his life to more work and research. For the time period Stoker was working in, vampirism was frequently seen in pop culture: “A fascination with vampirism was not uncommon among European intellectuals and artists of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries” (Concise Dictionary 8). As legends and folklore about vampires had spread throughout Europe it was a topic that had been buzzing at the time. It is no shock that Stoker had the influence from the world around him to learn more about vampirism. The curiosity of others led him on the same hunt for information. When writing Dracula Stoker used information gathered on vampirism to make…

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