Bram Stoker 's Dracul A Novel For Its Time Essay

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Dracula, A Novel for Its Time: What Really Influenced Bram Stoker Since the publishing of Bram Stoker’s Dracula, the novel has sold millions of copies and inspired hundreds of movies, plays, television, shows, and books. Although many people know or have heard of this legendary novel that inspired others like it, few people consider what influenced the author of this successful gothic novel (Carlson 22). One of his biggest influences was his family and friends. Another significant influence on his novel was Victorian societal roles. Religion was also an important influence. Bram Stoker, the author of the iconic gothic novel Dracula, was largely influenced by his friends and family, Victorian societal roles, and religion. Stoker’s family and friends influenced him in ways that can be seen throughout his work. When he was a young child, his mother told him countless stories about vampires as well as other mythical creatures similar to Count Dracula (Whitelaw 13). Also during this time, Stoker’s uncle, William Stoker, treated him for the mysterious illness that rendered him unable to walk. “William, who was affiliated with Dublin’s Fever Hospital and the House of Recovery, treated Bram during the first seven years of his life when he was an invalid.” His uncle often treated him using a technique called bloodletting (Senf 50). This idea of adding or removing blood in order to treat illness was also visited in the novel. An example in the book of adding blood can be seen in…

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