Boyhood : ' Boyhood ' Essay

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The following essay will focus on the film Boyhood (2014) in attempts to explain how three significant events in the main character’s life story, Mason, exemplify developmental changes in the lifespan.

There will be references to three developmental domains, cognitive development in terms of information processing, conceptual resources and perceptual skill, physical development referring to growth in the process of puberty and psychosocial development being the expansion of the personality, including the gain of social attitudes and skills particularly according to Erikson theory, the battle of identity vs role diffusion (Sigelman, 2013, p. 38).
Boyhood is a story, based over a 12-year period, of growing up captured through the eyes of a child named Mason. Snapshots of adolescence from major life events are illustrated through experimentation with alcohol and drugs, first jobs and relationship heartbreaks. In this essay the character Mason will be analyzed as an exemplary display for the development changes that are fulfilled in the mist of the teenage years.

Mason is depicted in the film at fifteen years of age participating in illicit drug and underage alcohol use. In the movie he is shown switching between taking drags of marijuana and kissing a girl sitting on his lap in a boot of a car. He in the next scene confirms he has indeed been experimenting with alcohol and drugs when asked by this mother. This event is significant for development in cognitive and…

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