Boston Tea Party Essay

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The Boston Tea Party
An Annotated Bibliography
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The conflict arose after French and Indian War. Since Britain was left with immense amount of debt from the war, they were seeking ways to impose taxes. Britain imposed taxes on many different things. These are the examples: sugar, currency, stamp, tea, and many other imported items. The Boston Tea Party had several effects. During the process of blocking Boston Harbor, British army was sent to enforce the process. Also, this disabled merchants from Massachusetts to sell their goods through the harbor. These were all under the Coercive Acts, the Intolerable Acts in 1774. American colonists protested and rebelled
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I. British East India Company was given right to monopolize the colonies.
A. The cost of tea from the British East India Company decreased.
B. They were losing massive amount of money to smugglers.
C. Indemnity Act was passed by the Parliament in order to help the company.
II. Britain imposed unfair taxes on tea.
A. Britain sought for ways to impose taxes.
B. Three tea ships arrived in Boston Harbor, but was demanded to go back.
C. The Patriot group, the Sons of Liberty was organized.
III. The Sons of Liberty rebelled.
A. The colonists disguised themselves and boarded the tea ships.
B. They dumped all the tea into Boston Harbor.
C. The Sons of Liberty fled after the event.
IV. The colonists demanded for the repeal of the taxes.
A. Britain denied.
B. They shut down Boston Harbor.
V. Britain passed some other laws.
A. They passed “The Intolerable Acts.”
B. Britain demanded for the compensation of the tea.
C. Quebec Acts were passed.
VI. The Boston Tea Party sparked the American Revolution.
A. Patriots boycotted and rebelled against Britain about incredible laws that they
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Sometimes, these things lead to severe events and they can be important parts of a history. The United States is one of the strongest, and powerful countries in the world. It is in the center of world economy with strong military as an Interpol. Moreover, America is the representative of many democratic countries. However, the United States wouldn’t have been able to get these outcomes without one event; ‘The Boston Tea Party.’ This event has an enormous role in history since it determined world economy and governmental systems. Additionally, this caused the American Revolution (“The Cause”). The Boston Tea Party was caused by a monopoly and unjust taxation of the British that generated several serious

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