Book Review : Harrison Bergeron ( 1961 ) By Kurt Vonnegut Essay

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One cannot imagine the problems that can occur in a society based exclusively on egalitarianism, nevertheless in the short story Harrison Bergeron (1961) by American author Kurt Vonnegut it gives a glimpse into what a society based on complete equality for all would look like. The story takes place in 2081 in a society where everyone is made equal by using handicaps on those who excel in anyway. The main character, Harrison Bergeron, does not agree with this handicapping policy and is willing to go to all ends to get rid of the government’s system. It is due to the unique and outlandish political precepts of this piece that made it successful with readers and critics. The story was so successful that it was turned into an award winning film titled 2081 (2011) produced by the Izzit company, directed by Chandler Tuttle. Although the film is based on the short story, they differ in many ways, including the way the main character addresses the audience and the threat to the people around Harrison. Yet, they share some similarities as well, including how Harrison arrives to the theatre and his death. First of all, Harrison escapes from prison in both the film and the short story. This was the most important part of both pieces because if it weren 't for the escape there would have been no way for the main character to show the people in this world the flaws of the governmental system. Similarly, the escape from prison was made public to all the people in this city because the…

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