Essay On Black Identity

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This growing confidence and struggle for black identity led to a new widespread celebration of blackness. The Ebony magazines from the 1970’s featured advertisements that declared a new “Beautiful Black.” The May issue in 1970 encouraged both black men and women to embrace their natural beauty. For example, some commercials displayed black men and women with afros, showcasing their natural hair instead of straightening it out. One article even wrote of a beauty queen, Miss “Black America,” who proudly wore her afro.
Additionally, black youth movements on campuses across the United States joined the chorus of growing black pride in fervent demonstrations. Black students protested for changes to their curriculum with a desire to learn more
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The language he used in his warning, however, was especially interesting. In his imploring, he told her that he asked “as a soul brother.” Monica immediately realized what he had said, shocked that he hadn’t revealed his black identity sooner. During the Black Power Movement, “soul” became one of the defining features of the black community. Although this meaning had been coined sometime in the mid-1950’s, soul gained national popularity by assuming a greater significance during this time. “Soul style” became a way of nurturing black solidarity as a way for black people to reclaim their identities. It was a powerful assertion of their Afro-American culture. One example of this style was the distinct handshakes that blacks used to greet each other, such as the Black Power greeting. In a series of quick movements, the handshake expressed togetherness, strength, comradery, and solidarity. Actions such as these nurtured racial pride and served as a distinction between black and white people. Soul became a way of life and a way of carrying oneself that defined black identity. The Black Panther self-identified himself with this development and proclaimed his blackness. The evolution of his character was clear – he had embraced Black

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