Essay on Blade Runner Analysis

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Thomas Driscoll
Comm 225 Blade Runner Mise en Scene Analysis
A Misen Scène is a word borrowed from the French theatre. It is actually everything on screen including scenery and the props used. The setting, costumes and lighting are also essential in an opening scene. It is essential in all films, as so much of the appearance and audience’s attention goes directly there. Scott has also used Film Noir which implies to the film, set forty years hence and made in the styles of forty years ago. The film has a Cyber Punk genre, cyber being all the electronic things and gizmos and punk being the disruptive, rebellious street level. This subgenre was very popular in the early 1980’s. It
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The street level/ground level is quite similar but also different to the high level. It is a busy area filled and crowded with people. There is a lot of artificial light from shops, flickering televisions and advertisements. The place looks unclean, reeking, run down, horrible and garbage filled environment. There is constant garbage everywhere and people can always be seen walking around it. Throughout the film, the audience would be able to hear various different languages such as English, Japanese and German. There is a whole place filled with Chinese people, just like China Town, this is because of all the Chinese migrant workers and factories like Chew’s laboratory. It is a rather good example of how the world could be compared to how it is now. In addition to this there is a lot of holy priests walking around (this has not changed much.) This shows how cultural the world has become in Blade Runner terms. I have also noticed the speech of little children, siren and shots which is repeated many times in the film; the director has probably added these things to tell the audience that there have been a lot of technical robots and races created. Old and new technology is mixed as well, including old telegraphic poles and all the new technology from neon shop lights and adverts. Retrofitting is used in the film at street level like the robotic things and additional sounds and places, this clearly shows how new

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