Biotic Limiting Factors In The Tropical Rainforest

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Since producers won’t be able to make food, the consumers won’t be able to eat, and then decomposers won’t have anything to decompose and break down. The cycling in the ecosystems will eventually not happen so the ecosystem will fall apart.

Other trees that have already grown are blocking the sunlight from reaching the sprouts. In other words many sprouts are competing for the sparse amount of sunlight. The sprouts may also be competing for water and other ingredients necessary to grow. Since their is a competition for the available resources only a few will actually mature into adult trees.

Most of the fish would be predators. This is because of the lack of sunlight which is needed for plants to grow.

The organisms/animals that first
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Deforestation of the tropical rainforest is also a limiting factor. People cut down trees to build things, but in the process they take away organism’s habitats. A biotic limiting factor is the competition between species. The rainforest is very diverse with different species and all of them have a very specific niches because of the number of populations. An other biotic limiting factor is the density of the trees that allows for few plants to be able to grow near the ground in …show more content…
This helps the carnivores find food easily as there isn’t much shelter for animals lower down on the food chain which explains a biotic factor. Since there isn’t a lot of rain there aren’t many trees which animals feed from. The few trees available in the savannah is a biotic factor because it keeps the population that feed of of them down such as giraffes.
Northwest Rain Forests-Snow fall and cold temperatures on the highest peaks of the mountains in this area keeps populations out of the mountains. These two factors are abiotic. Biotic factors include the tall trees which block the sunlight from reaching the forest floor. This limits what kind of plant life grows here. Another biotic factor are the predators such as puma which keeps animals lower on the food chain down.
Alpine Forest- Abiotic factors include the slopes and temperature. The slopes display a colder temperature near the top and as the earth rotates, the sun only hits certain sides of the slope. Biotic factors that are cause by the abiotic factors include less plant life of the not so sunny sides. There are also less animals near the top of the mountain than the bottom because of the colder

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