Essay on Biological Evolution And Natural Selection

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I will admit before reading Chapter 3 and 4 of our textbook, I never would have linked biodiversity with biological evolution and definitely not with natural selection or what I always thought of as survival of the fittest. However, it does make sense. Biological evolution is the genetic change in a given species over time that leads to modifications in appearance, functioning, or behavior that enable the species to thrive in its natural ecosystem. Such evolution is usually brought on through natural selection whereby organisms that have these beneficial traits have a better chance of surviving to adulthood in our hostile world where organisms are constantly competing with not only others of their species who live in the same area but also other species in their community for food and other resources. Since an organism can only pass on its traits to the next generation if it survives to reproduce, over time (from one generation to the next), the characteristics that lead to better and better reproductive success for a species in a given environment will evolve in the population. ( Withgott, J. H., & Laposata, M. (2014)). I love the real life example of this given in the overview for this module of the peppered moth in London where before the industrial revolution, those peppered moths who were light colored were the most dominant moth in London since they could blend in with the light colored birch trees and thereby be more likely to escape predation and thus survive to…

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