Bilingual Education Has Many Advantages Essay

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. Bilingual education has many advantages to children at a young age. As elementary students learn the concepts of a second language, they are able to understand concepts better than individuals that only speak one language. The advantage of learning two languages at an early age is that children’s minds are able to produce cognitive benefits, such as having more linguistic tools towards thinking, creativity, and flexibility in problem solving. Bilingualism helps children become cognitively superior, which as a result provides protection at an old age from cognitive declines. It is better for children to obtain a second language at an early age, because it is easier for them to absorb the information. A father’s role in his child’s development has many advantages just as the mother’s role. According to Feldman (2015), “The number of fathers who are primary caregivers for their children has grown significantly, and fathers play an increasingly important role in their children’s lives.” Father’s are able to engage with their children in a more physical way versus mother’s, which tend to play gentler games such as peekaboo. For example, having the father’s support can help the child develop a physical skill towards sports. In this case, the father’s support can benefit the child’s physical attribute to after school physical activities such as sports. The importance of peer social relationships as a child is imperative, and can impact the way their adaptation and interactions…

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