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Critical Issues

Critical issues

In order to succeed and continue growth in the market, Bestwhen possible Services Inc. (Best)growth is very Be sure to define success specifically, and Financial quantitatively. Continuing must vague - this could mean several things, be more specific. address the following: 1) Create a business plan to ensure long term sustainability,
Critical issues– you have identified the capacity issue correctly. nicely done. increase services- why does she need to do this? dig further to get to the critical issue. keep

asking why. 2) Increase services available so
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Not internal and as many services as firm and Best could a thorough offering external analysis. consider decisions competitors is a critical using other analytical tools in the future. Exhibit 1, it is clear that competition is issue. In the industry analysis, high and is expected to grow rapidly in the future. This mix between customer bargaining power also did you consider a financial analysis being high and competitors offering greater number of services, customers will move services if they see it as better fit. Since the industry Best is in, the product is fairly standardized, so it must ensure it can offer just as much and more than the competitors if it wants to retain the clients. Being a small business, Best has already reached it maximum capacity of client load. There are I would like to see you explore the occasions of the capacity issue only two personnel who can further.on clientslink more clearly to your critical issue. take This would and there is no room for growth. In order to see an increase in profit, Best must be able to hold more clients. In the Exhibit 1, although new entrant level is medium, there is an expected growth in the near future of financial planners, and they will work possibly at other institutions, and could take away clients. The SWOT analysis, Exhibit 2, shows that the mix of internal weakness and external threats

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