Beloved, By Toni Morrison Essay

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Upon reading “Beloved” by Toni Morrison, readers are faced with the dilemma of whether to identify the character beloved as an apparition, a symbol, or simply a real person. It seems to be contextually supported that the character Beloved is an apparition of the past. Allowing supernatural activity to take over their suppressed memories of slavery once they have finally reached grounds of freedom. Beloved represents magical realism in literature as she forces readers to come to an understanding of what this character even is. Beloved is a difficult character to interpret due to the text creating conflicting representations that portray her as a symbol of the horrors of slavery. Beloved could also be viewed as an apparition due to the fact that when she appears she creates vivid hallucinations of terrible memories. It seems she does this to make those around her suffer in order to deal with her own terrible past and mistakes and wants to create the same type of misery she experiences for other characters. It could also be inferred that she simply does these things to bring families closer due to her self-destruction of her own family. Beloved’s actions could be interpreted as creating a sense of healing and confronting the past to bring about a sense of healing and recovery. Although there is no right answer readers begin to distinguish Beloved as a representation of collective history of slavery, healing and growth, and the importance of family as a whole.
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