Being Born Into A World Of Hopelessness Essay

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Imagine being born into a world of hopelessness. No dreams of becoming greater tomorrow. Waking up in the same routine everyday asking yourself is this how life really is supposed to be? I couldn 't fathom being without the capability of aspiring to become great and achieving the knowledge that I 'm capable of. I would be hopeless. That 's how I feel and look at slavery. A world of hopelessness. I understand that it happened and that it was there. But I could never quite understand why. Why was slavery and race an issue? Or perhaps why did it last so long and become so violent? Being African American sometimes I look as if we have a gift and a curse. The times have changed indeed but to some the mentality hasn 't, meaning a lot of us are ignorant and ill-informed both black and white. When I was younger I have asked myself. Do white people even accept me? Am I looked at differently? Of course I look at it emotionally because the world I know some of my closest friends are white and I am accepted by my peers but before my time, things were very different. So overtime I 've accumulated the knowledge that the norm back then was just hard and unbreakable.
Many educated people have learned a few things about the significance of African American history, but some of the most important things remain untold, which certainly will take more than a month to understand. It’s hard to depict a picture of the mass untold stories on paper because the root of slavery is almost frightening.…

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