Essay on Being A Latino : America Is Difficult?

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Being a Latino in America is difficult because most Latinos are considered immigrants even though that is not true. Latinos have to deal with so many things like discrimination, being looked down at, seen as worthless, or looked at as either teen moms or gangsters by society. All these barriers that Latinos have to deal with prevents them from coming out as an LGBTQ+ member because Latinos fear that they wont be accepted by their family due to culture. Coming out of the closet and being latino is really crucial because Latinos are not always accepted within their cultural grounds. Latino family 's tend to feel strongly about tradition, culture and religion which makes LGBTQ latinos less open to showing their true identity to their families. Although latino families feel strong about a man fulfilling the role of “machismo” or a female as “marianismo” they should not ignore or deny their child that identifies as an LGBTQ because of all the barriers they face in a daily basis therefore not having the support of their family can either make them feel alone or worse, get depressed or even commit suicide. Latino families are serious when it comes to culture such as religion, gender roles, and sexual identity. Even though some Latinos have migrated to the US they still bring their culture with them, even if they are able to practice their very own role and culture they do not do it because they follow tradition. The primary role for a man under the Latino culture is “machismo”…

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