Beethoven Biography

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By : Breana Slattery


Beethoven was born on December 16, 1770 in Bonn, Germany.
( His parents were Johann and Maria. Beethoven 's mother, Maria was a thin, kind woman. Beethoven’s father, Johann, was an average singer better known for his alcoholism than his musical talents. There is no official knowledge of the exact day of Beethoven’s birth; however, people that were born in those times were usually baptized the day after they were born and it is known that Beethoven 's family and friends celebrated his birthday on December 16.

Beethoven was a German composer. ( He was a very popular musical character in the time period between the Classical and Romantic times.
He spent
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Beethoven soon began working with Christian as a backup organist, at first unpaid (1781), and then as a paid employee (1784). ( While Beethoven made money from selling his music, he also depended on his audience for income. Some of his early customers, gave him enough money to live off of for an entire year.

In March 1787, Beethoven visited Vienna, for the first time, hoping his could study with Mozart. Beethoven went back home two weeks into his trip after finding out his mother was sick. Not long after that, his mother passed away and his father went further into alcoholism. Because of this, Beethoven had to take care of his two younger brothers, and stay there for the next 5 years. Beethoven received half of his father’s income to support the family. (

From 1790 to 1792, Beethoven composed a lot of music that showed how much he was growing and achieving. Beethoven was very dedicated to studying and performing.
Beethoven composed his first six string quartets between 1798 and 1800.
( They were published in 1801. (
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( This condition made
Beethoven so depressed that he often thought about suicide. He could still compose

3 music, but playing at his concerts was extremely difficult. (

Beethoven had to remain in his bed for the last months of his life. He had many visitors during this time. He died during a thunderstorm on March 26, 1827 at the age of
56. A friend of his, who was there at the time, said that there was a burst of thunder at the exact time Beethoven took his last breath. His autopsy exposed that there was serious damage to the liver, which was probably due to his alcoholism and also announced extensive expansion of the nerves in his ears. (

I think Beethoven’s music is amazing because he composed while being deaf. The music I listen to compares to his music because they both have similiar instruments and sometimes arrangements. I also like how he took care of his younger brothers when his parents were unable to. I learned a lot about Beethoven and I admire everything he accomplished. I think it is pretty neat that he did all these things while dealing with so many bad things that were thrown at him in his

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