Barbara Bergmann And Steven Levitt 's Views On Crime Rates, Abortion, And Prostitution

1937 Words Mar 13th, 2016 8 Pages
Similarities? Differences? Everybody has them. American economists, Barbara Bergmann and Steven Levitt, are no different. Bergmann deals with racial and gender equality, while Steven Levitt bases his economic ideas on crime rates, abortion, and prostitution. Both economists are well-educated and strong leaders in what they do, though I disagree vehemently with some of Levitt’s ideas. Barbara Bergmann and Steven Levitt have very few similarities. Both are graduates of Harvard University and their economic theories deal with social issues on an economic level. They discuss the problems with citizens falling below the poverty line or the less fortunate. I will delve into the similarities in the next few paragraphs, though there are very few. Barbara Bergmann was a leader in gender-based economics. She mostly dealt with racial and gender equality. Bergmann built on their ideas that favored equal rights for women under the law and linked women’s role as wife/mother to the lack of job choices and low wages to their economic dependence on men. Steven Levitt on the other hand, is well-known for known for his works in the field of crime, in particular on the link between legalized abortion and crime rates, as well as prostitution. The last similarity I see is they are both published authors. Bergmann is known for, “The Economic Emergence of Women”, “Saving Our Children from Poverty”, “In Defense of Affirmative Action”, and “Is Social Security Broke?: A Cartooon Guide to the…

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