Australian Government Has International Treaties With The United Nations

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Australian government has international treaties with the United Nations in the trade that exposes the country to a competitive social and cultural dimension. The issues relating to the human rights are also addressed during signing the international trade treaties whereby, the Australian government aims in protecting its producers as well as consumers. The other aspects that motivates Australian government in protecting and respecting human right is ensuring international influences does not negatively violate the rights of its citizens. Therefore, under the international human right basic, the Australian government has responsibility to control vice influences that would alter peaceful coexistence among the citizens.
Different countries have different option that are regulated by the social and culture of people. The international human right values social culture integration whereby, the process is based on the interest of the country’s citizens. In the development and implementation of the human right codes, United Nations instruments are essential forming the basis of human right. In the Australia, government have observed the human right protection through development and revising on the human right laws(Charlesworth, 2010). These bills are presented to the legislators to make appropriate update with the aim of covering the Australian rights. Furthermore, international bodies observes the interest of the region and communities in the Australia to ensure protection of…

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