Aspects Of Humanity Revealed Through Symbolism Essay

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Aspects of Humanity Revealed through Symbolism in Never Let Me Go Kazuo Ishiguro’s Never Let Me Go has been widely acclaimed for its insights into the depths of human life. On the surface, the main characters, Kathy H., Tommy, and Ruth live completely normal lives, but their inevitable futures as organ donors separates them from “normal” people. Throughout their childhood and adolescent lives, the characters encounter various objects that become sentimental to them. Kathy greatly values her Judy Bridgewater Cassette Tape, and it becomes symbolic of the complex relationships she has formed and the losses she has suffered. Animals also play a large role in the lives of the clones, representing their creativity and individuality. As the characters grow, their ability to drive becomes symbolic of their yearning for freedom and hopeful visions of the future. The symbols show that the characters experience the same feelings as regular people, however, their unfortunate fates prevent them from experiencing the same lifestyle as non-cloned humans. Through the use of these various symbols, Ishiguro acknowledges the humanity of the clones, which reveals the reality of humans’ reactions towards death. Many scholars have analyzed the themes of Never Let Me Go, and how they relate to controversial topics prevalent in today’s society. In her article, “Imitation of Life: Cloning, Heterosexuality and the Human in Kazuo Ishiguro 's Never Let Me Go,” Rachel Caroll elaborates on the…

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