Argumentative Essay : Philosophically Persuasive Philosophy

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Philosophically Persuasive Argument Essay
Maybe the wise Plato himself one asked the same questions we ask ourselves every day. Who am I, and who will I become? Am I the same self I was five years ago? What about ten years? Many philosophers have questioned, “Is it possible that I am the same person throughout my life, even though there are changes in my body? Is there a way to know that who we are today isn’t different than who we were last week?” These types of questions may seem shallow on first glance, but looking deeper, it is the basis of self-perception and what many of us build our own thoughts of self on.
David Hume claims this is called the psychological mind or the memory. He says it is the mind that creates our personal identity, not our body as that consistently changes,. He noted that our bodies are always in flux, changing from second to second, day to day, and year to year, but our minds are evolving in a way that holds on to what we learned yesterday, but is also open to learning from today. Hume believed that “the identity of persons and objects are two sides of the same coin”. This mean objects and the people we are were the same yesterday or some years ago that they are today. Hume states that while we may have changed in numerous ways over time, the same self or object is still present today at our core.
Now I agree with these beliefs, but I do have to argue one statement that I’ve read. Self, is apparently none other than your soul, or the inner you.

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