Anthropology : An Anthropologist Requires Years And Years Of Study

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As you know anthropologists take on the challenge of studying and describing cultures around the world and finding scientific explanation for their differences and similarities. They study why do people think, feel, and act certain ways- and find it wrong or impossible to do otherwise? (Willism Haviland, 2014) Anthropologist put all the puzzle pieces together to provide a clear understanding of what it is to be human. Becoming an anthropologist requires years and years of study however by learning about the field of anthropology and implementing some of their methods can help you to put together smaller puzzle of the people in your life to better understand them and yourself. And by applying anthropology to your life you can become a more culturally sensitives and capable of deal with real issues and people.
In order to understand how we can use some of the technique of anthropologist to make ourselves more cultural sensitive and capable of dealing with real issues and people in this pluralistic world we need to understand specifically what, how and why anthropologist do what they. They aim to understand what it is to be human. And they question the most basic assumption they we as humans take for granted. Do human biological traits evolve and function in isolation? Why are human the dominate species on earth? Is gender a social construct? What is Normal or Good? What is the meaning of marriage? How did past cultures deal with hygiene problems? What makes someone beautiful?…

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