Analysis of Poem: Promises Like Pie Crust Essay

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Analysis of Poem: Promises like Pie Crust

Promises are unrealistic constraints. They essentially impose restrictive barriers to dedication and commitment because they tend to break easily and only bring obligation and pressure with the effort to keep such promises. The poem, “Promises like Pie Crust” by Christina Rossetti shows this through her negative perspectives toward promises. Such views lead her forsakes relationship. For Rossetti, promises break, lack liberty, and are blind to future.
First of all, the speaker denies promises due to her distrust in promises. In the beginning of her poem, Rossetti reflects her general belief about promises using the metaphor of crusts of the pie. Just like these crusts
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Clearly she values liberty and freedom more than promises which require dedication and contribution. Therefore she asks to remain as a friend to lower possibility trade-off
Lastly, Rossetti maintains that promises cannot predict future even though they originally made in the hopes of producing better outcomes in

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