Essay on Analysis Of Yoshino And Jayme Poisson

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Relationships with others and growing awareness of societal values help children and people build a sense of who they are and the societal roles available to them. Societal pressures and parental influences are more helpful than harmful. Authors Kenji Yoshino and Jayme Poisson discuss in their articles how people are trying to change societal views by challenging them and introducing new and scary situations. Poisson describes an extreme case of parenting to end covering due to societal norms. Practicing “gender-neutral” parenting does not guarantee that the children will be gender-neutral because the biological differences between the two sexes are not arbitrary. Cultural expectation and parental choices enhance the identification of one’s gender identity but hold no relation to one’s sex. Parents practicing unorthodox parenting styles in order to eliminate covering of their children’s true identity lead to the children facing personal conflicts, societal alienation and discrimination, and living an unstructured lifestyle.

While gender is irrelevant to many aspects of life, community, and industry, it is certainly relevant to children’s identity and sense of selfhood. It will play a major role in the way children are perceived by others (both positively and negatively), and how they perceive themselves. While some aspects of gender role are cultural, some of them are purely biological, so not all aspects of gender identity can be avoided. Exposing children to the concept…

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