Analysis Of ' Wuthering Heights ' Essay

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Growing up there are many elements, physically and emotionally, children are exposed to that shape and influence their development as humans. Parents are the most prominent of these influences. While there is some question about whether the development and comes from direct parental stimuli or indirect inheritance, the association between parents and their child’s development does exist. Some children respond to their parents by mimicking them; others respond by retaliating and acting opposite of how their parents act and how they were raised. The retaliation sometimes results from a lack of attention from the parents or raising one child to loathe another. In Wuthering Heights and To the Lighthouse there are two generations of families, the Lintons/Earnshaws and the Ramsays. In Wuthering Heights, first generation did not play an integral role in the upbringing of their children while in To the Lighthouse; the Ramsays had a bigger role in the upbringing of their children. Despite the vast difference in these two families, both sets of children personalities develop in response to their parent’s influence. The Lintons and Earnshaw’s had little contact in their children’s lives and did not play a big role in raising them. Heathcliff did not meet his son Linton until he was grown and only then because Linton’s mother had died and Heathcliff had gained custody of Linton. Hindley’s son Hareton, although brought up by his father after his mother dies during child birth, later…

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