Essay Analysis Of Virginia Woolf 's ' Woolf '

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Virginia Woolf was well known for her brilliant writing and staunch feminist ideology. Visiting two gender-specific colleges, she wrote of her vastly different experienced she had in such places. The blatant inequality the women face is merely one example in an ocean of sexism and misogyny that runs rampant through our world. The two passages describe the intolerable discrepancies between the meals. By utilizing a highly contrasting tone in the juxtaposed writing she makes clear her opinions on this slight against women. Furthermore, her eloquent and pompous wording in the first passage is particularly significant when compared to the almost apathetic language used in the second. In essence, Woolf wrote these separate pieces with the intent of forcing the subject of equity to the surface. Such clear imbalance can no longer be ignored when displayed this ostentatiously.
Virginia Woolf spent her life being a strong advocate for women’s rights. In writing these pieces in a way that juxtaposes them without explicitly comparing one to the other, she further highlights the already start differences. She does not say verbatim that the women’s meal is inferior to the men’s though it most definitely is. Rather she merely writes both pieces as separate entities. One could read one or the other without having to take in both, though it is most definitely meant to be read together. The first is written with engaging adjective and is a far more pleasant experience to immerse oneself in.…

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