Analysis of Unilever Financial Reporting Essay

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Analysis of Unilever Financial Reporting


Annual report is an exhaustive report which has involved a firm’s activities throughout the last year. It purposes to show the corporate activities and financial performance to both the shareholder and those people who are interesting in their corporation. However, it is crucial for the stock watcher doing their due diligence every year from the analysis of a corporate annual report. Not only the growth rate they concerned, but also the prospect of their stocks, the investor need to consider it carefully before doing their decisions. The following content would give the analysis of Unilever’s annual report in 2009. It would give detailed information in relevant with the companies
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In addition, Unilever provide with designing, packaging, marketing and advertising, and the brands effects make the company’s service easier to be accepted by the public.
Unilever is always searching for making better products. This is the key reason why they can achieve a success.


Unilever’s biggest growth opportunity lies in expanding the markets in which they compete. In developing and emerging countries there is huge potential for future growth as more and more people start consuming personal and household products for the first time. (Unilever 2009 annual report) With realization of this potential, they have partnered with the customers in both the developed and developing markets. 49% of Unilever’s turnover in 2009 came from D&E markets including Brazil, India, Indonesia, Turkey, South Africa, China, Mexico and Russia. These markets are typically more volatile than developed markets, so we are continually exposed to changing economic, political and social developments outside our control, any of which could adversely affect our business. (Unilever 2009 Annual report) Today, 5.9 billion people live in developing and emerging markets – countries such as Brazil, India and Indonesia where Unilever has deep roots and a wide presence. They already reach many more consumers than our competitors in these markets. (Unilever 2009 annual report) Putting market development into practice, Unilever strive for more users, more

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