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Major Essay Two: Toni Morrison’s “Recitatif” In Toni Morrison’s only short story “Recitatif”, Morrison writes about race, sympathy, and stereotype through two main characters Roberta and Twyla. There is another character Maggie, who is disabled, but she seems to be a go-between. Throughout the story, there are questions about the race of each character. One girl is black and one girl is white. The race of Maggie is undetermined. She is described as “sandy-colored” (Recitatif 202). Tones of racism are set throughout the story. Sometimes tempers flared and sometimes tears were shed. Nevertheless, Twyla and Roberta were placed in circumstances that showed commonalities as well as differences between the two. Twyla and Roberta had common circumstances. The first thing that Twyla and Roberta had in common was that they were both wards of the state because their mothers’ had neglected them. They had been placed in an orphanage. Twyla quotes, “That’s why we were taken to St. Bonny’s” (Recitatif 201). Also, they seemed to love their mothers’ regardless of their neglect. In their later years, Twyla and Roberta shared common lives. They both got married. “A year, I got married to a man who lives here. And you, you’re married too, right? Benson, you said.” (Recitatif 207). They both had children. “That’s good”, she said and nodded her head. “I always hoped you’d be happy. Any kids? I know you have kids.” “One. A boy. How about you?” “Four.” (Morrison 207). Eventually, Twyla and…

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