Analysis Of Toni Morrison 's Beloved, Acts Of Cruelty And The Pain That Resulted From It

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Slavery, racism, and prejudice are defined by the cruelty and the pain that resulted from it. In Toni Morrison’s novel Beloved, acts of cruelty are continuously seen throughout the novel through the stories of the main characters that were affected by the institution of slavery either indirectly or directly. The cruelty of white supremacy plays a crucial role in shaping the lives and behaviors of Africans Americans and it caused them to commit cruel acts themselves. The pain, torture, and suffering that the African American characters go through in this novel are because of the side effects of white supremacy. The inhumanity that occurred because of the institution of slavery and the belief of white supremacy played a defining role in the lives of black people. The nature of white supremacy caused white people to believe that their race was superior compared to black people and that these acts of violence and racism were justified. Slavery also allowed white people to earn more money and gain more power in society, which led to the government allowing for these acts of cruelty such as dehumanization, murder, and rape to occur. In Beloved, the belief in white supremacy caused slave owners to commit acts of cruelty against black people. When the schoolteacher was talking about Sethe’s rape and beating he says, “See what happened when you overbeat creatures God has given you the responsibility of”(150). The schoolteacher has a firm belief that black people are inferior…

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