Thiel's Argumentative Analysis

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Thiel’s view of competition is interesting to say the least. He believes that the worst thing to ever have been taught to entrepreneurs is that competition is healthy. By no means would Thiel find himself promoting the ideals of competition. In his world, monopolies are the best thing in business. Whereas competitors earn no profits according to him, monopolies are out there making profits all to themselves without sharing. Competition causes businesses not to prosper. There is no way to look unique in the market when one is in competition (Thiel & Masters, 2014). In essence, competition makes businesses self-destructive. When companies come into competition they cost themselves the dominance they should uphold. Thiel & Masters use the example of Google and Microsoft and how they were unnecessarily usurped by Apple when they started competing in every front. The view by Thiel could be radicalized but he has important points to grasp. If one has an opportunity to be special and unique in the market, then so be it. …show more content…
As a result they are multi-billion dollar companies. They are doing amazingly well in the market, and they appear unassailable concerning market dominance. Such kind of dominance in the market can rarely be obtained if the business is more focused on outdoing the competitors rather than being the best in what they do. Thiel & Masters (2014) say that monopolies try to conceal their monopoly so as to keep enjoying the momentum in the market. Monopolies make happy companies, which are so, for different reasons. The different reasons are generated from the uniqueness of each company with regard to their market offerings. More competition according to Thiel & Masters is like more war and the result is that there is no gain. Every single startup should seek that uniqueness that shall help it drive the monopoly agenda, if the probability of making it in the market is

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