Analysis Of ' The True Intentions Of Mary Shelley 's ' And The Chipmunks '

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Monster, is His Name As many movies have done, the famous Alvin and the Chipmunks have a movie for children, including The Monster from the chiller Frankenstein or The Modern Prometheus. What once was feared in the 1800’s is now used in children’s movies. Alvin’s and the Chipmunks is not a gruesome movie, but a movie that teaches children kindness and the value in friendship, nothing Mary Shelley surely intends. John Loy and Kathi Castillo butcher the true intentions of Mary Shelley novel into child’s play. Unlike the novel which begins with the letters of a captain to his sister in ,the movie Alvin and the Chipmunks begins where most people would imagine, a grave robbing scene. As a mob of people with their torches hunt the Monster down towards the castle in the background you can see Victor Frankenstein digging a new grave for his experiments. This is unlike the book in so many ways as in the book the Monster was never hunted with torches. As soon the mob reaches the castle the Monster heads inside to hide himself. Victor Frankenstein catches up the mob and begins to persuade them to leave. Unlike the novel, Victor seems to want to keep the monster and use him to his advantage.
In Majestic Movie Studios, a copy of Universal Studios Hollywood, the boy band, Alvin and the Chipmunk are preforming their song about Halloween since it seems to be the time setting for the movie. Everything about the movie is cute and shines a sparkly light on themes that are supposed to be…

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