Essay on Analysis Of The Story ' Powder ' By Tobia Wolf

1386 Words Apr 29th, 2016 6 Pages
How to deal with family relationship can be a difficult issue especially the relationship between parents and their children. When neither parent nor child can understand the difference, some incidents suddenly happened that could help them to understand each other. This may be a symbol for fresh new beginning to make their relations be stronger once again. The short story “Powder”, by Tobia Wolf depicts a family of a father and mother who have some disagreements about how to educate their son. The father is characterized to be irresponsible and carefree when he teaches his son about life. In the story, the father takes his son on a skiing trip during Christmas Eve but he has a goal which is to make sure his son gets home on time for dinner. However, he cannot complete his goal course because the weather turns up really bad, and a trooper blocks the road for safety reason. They seems like to get stuck, but once the trooper leaves. After they stop by and discuss about the issue at the diner, the father asks son to remove the barricade in order to break though it and go down the mountain. Removing the barricade however, makes the father and son start to come together and changes the attitude the son has towards his father, resulting in understanding, trusting and being able to have an intimate talk with him. In the opening of the story, the son 's attitude towards his father is distant. The son considers his father to be a reckless and trust-less parent. So in the story when…

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