Analysis Of The Poem ' The Things No One Knows Blues ' And ' Touch '

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Yanjie Hong
Amy Murray Twyning
Reading Poetry
Essay 2
The Complexities of identity in Terrance Hayes’s Poems
Essentially, the emblematic portrayal of the African American male persona in Terrance Hayes poems is evidence of the experiences that people of color have in their routine lives. Evidently, his interview in the New York Times where lengthy conversations ensue, details emerge of how problematic his life in college and Japan was due to his dark skin (Burt). Arguably, his collection of poems especially the Hip Logic continues to receive tremendous accolades due to the classic way that Hayes expresses himself. To this end, the objective of this essay is to explore How Hayes Incorporates the Complexities of African Americans males. To achieve this, this paper will seek to compare two poems “The-Things-No-One Knows-Blues” and “Touch”. In addition, this paper will present an in-depth discussion on how Hayes incorporates the complexities of identity in general in relation to the chosen poems.
Notably, in the poem touch, Hayes begins by allowing the audience to settle into a scenario of regular play amongst children in a neighborhood (Hayes 7-8). Conversely, he introduces him differentiating factor when police officers suddenly emerge and the brown-legged ones ran off, the black ones are reprimanded, Hayes retaliates that their only wrongdoing was their color. The poem is reflective of the black young men in the neighborhood as they grow up and have to deal with…

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