Essay about Analysis Of The Poem ' Metamorphoses '

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Metamorphoses is a narrative poem written by the Roman poet Ovid in the early first century BCE. The book focuses on the creation of the world and is based upon Roman myths and legends. Throughout the poem, many different types of lust are described within the myths. These varieties of lust include the craving for revenge, the longing for possessions, and the sexual desire for a person. The yearning for revenge is one of the driving parts of the book and is found multiple times, including Juno’s revenge on Io and Procne’s retaliation towards Tereus. Another variety is the hunger for power and possessions, demonstrated in Ajax and Ulysses’s arguments for the Armor of Achilles. The libido for a person is seen in the stories of Echo and Narcissus and of Apollo and Daphne. Lust is one of the primary aspects of the book and in turn there are many varieties seen throughout Metamorphoses. One form of lust seen in Metamorphoses is the yearning for revenge. An example of this is Juno’s revenge on Io for being raped by Jove. After raping Io, Jove transformed her into a cow to avoid the suspicion of his wife, Juno. Juno, however, knew of his rape and in turn asked him to give Io to her as a gift. He unwillingly complied in order to keep suspicion off of him and in hopes that Juno would not find out about his rape. Under the watch of Argus Io lived a miserable life, eating only “leaves from trees and bitter grasses, and had no bed to sleep on, the poor thing, but lay upon…

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