Analysis Of The Poem ' Dead Poets Society ' By Henry David Thoreau

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Philosophical Importance The Romantic period was full of new art forms and pieces of literature. Different pieces of written literature took over, it became quite popular. Each piece displayed a unique philosophy, such as celebration of the spirit of the individual or belief in a simple, mindful lifestyle.“Self-Reliance”, written by Ralph Waldo Emerson, is an essay discussing the importance of expressing individuality, avoiding false consistency and following someone’s own instincts. Thus, showing the celebration of the spirit of the individual. Walden written by Henry David Thoreau, is an essay of Henry’s life in the woods. One day, he decided to leave and experience what life would be like away from his everyday life. His reasons for going to live there expresses the Romantic philosophy of believing in a simple, mindful lifestyle. Both of these philosophies are demonstrated in the movie Dead Poets Society, directed by Peter Weir, by the character of Mr. Keating. Mr Keating is a high school teacher at Welton Academy, where he attended in his younger years. In the movie, it is his first year teaching at the school and all the other teachers are quite skeptical of him because he does things differently. Through Mr.Keating’s eye-opening ways of teaching, he showed his students belief in simple, mindful lifestyle and celebration of the spirit of the individual, just like in the literature from the romantics period. In the essay, “Self-Reliance”, the ideas of being an…

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