Analysis Of The Poem ' Annabel Lee ' By Edgar Allen Poe Essay

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Searching through various different websites to find the ’best poem in the world’ was a very lengthy process, but I somehow always kept coming back to one poem in particular. This poem is called “Annabel Lee” and was written by Edgar Allen Poe in 1849, being the last poem he wrote before his death. I believe this is the best poem in the world because the story is easy to follow, the structure is unique, and the echoing effect of the poem is hypnotic. “Annabel Lee” has many clear examples of the devices we discussed in class, and all of those devices work together to create a beautiful, but haunting, poem. To start off, the speaker explains how he fell in love with Annabel Lee many years ago when they were very young. They were so in love that even the angels noticed and were envious of it. As an act of jealousy, they sent a chilling wind down from the clouds that made Annabel Lee sick. There are also hints in the poem suggesting that Annabel Lee’s “highborn kinsmen” resented their relationship as well. If the speaker himself were “highborn,” he probably would not mention that, but since he does, it gives a glimpse of conflict. This is a great example of how Poe is able to work neat ideas into something that seems to be a just a simple story. Anyways, when Annabel’s kinsmen take her away from the speaker and lock her in a tomb, the reader can feel his pain of losing her. Despite this, he wants the audience to know that their love is eternal and nothing or no one can separate…

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