Analysis Of The Poem ' An Ouija Board ' By Sylvia Plath Essay

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An Ouija board is a “game board” that is used to communicate with spirits. Why would someone want to communicate with spirits? In Sylvia Plath’s case, to connect with her dead father and ultimately with herself. Sylvia wrote the poem, Ouija, after getting involved with dark magic through her husband. In the end, dark magic is what killed her, although her death is viewed as suicide. She was once innocent but then dark spirits and her husband changed her. Darkness was what Sylvia sought and due to that, she found it, but darkness was near Sylvia even before her marriage.
Born October 27th, 1932, in Boston, Massachusetts, Sylvia’s life was not destined to be a fairytale. Her father, Otto Plath, had “an authoritative attitude” towards his children. He always treated Sylvia badly until he died when she was eight years old. Growing up without a father for the rest of her life made her cringe even more. Feeling like she was her father’s accident, all she wanted was to find someone like him to make her feel better.
That’s when she found her husband, Ted Hughes, at Cambridge University. Plath and Hughes married in 1956 and moved to the United States. There, they took jobs at Smith College. Sylvia felt overwhelmed due to the fact that she couldn’t write her own poetry or spend time for herself. Her admirations were in poetry all her life. It was her way of escaping the world she lived in. It was her way of relief. She wasn’t the only one with these feelings though.
Ted Hughes…

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