Analysis Of The Movie ' The Piano Lesson ' Essay example

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“The Piano Lesson” the movie has a lot of symbolisms. The allegory of the movie is the piano itself. First, I thought that the movie was about slavery, pain and sacrifices of Blacks during the time of slavery. But as the movie continues, I understood that the piano itself represents more than just slavery. The theme is about love, pain, memories, family and dignity of ancestors, greed, fear and forgiveness. The allegory of the piano, traces way back from the time it was bought by Charles family. He traded his slaves for the piano for the love of Ofelia. At first, Ofelia was happy and unceasingly played the piano every day, but the longing for her slaves is much stronger than the object. Her effort of taking back her slaves was in vain, the previous owner wouldn’t want to re-trade the slaves. Ofelia is losing her health as a result, instead ask Willie boy to carve her slaves faces on the piano but Willie Boy did not only carved their faces but continues to carve more images of family history. That is the reason why Berniece, with respect to her great grandparent’s memories and her family history, she does not want to sell the piano. Boy Willie on the other hand thought that the piano is his future. He believed that by selling the piano, he will have a brighter future buying Sutter’s land, his great grandparent’s former master. The conflict between Boy Willie and Berniece which was rooted back when Berniece’s husband was killed blaming Boy Willie worsen. Then…

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