Analysis Of The Movie ' Silver Lining Playbook ' Essay

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The media has created a false stigma for those living with metal disorders, by regularly portraying characters with mental illness as problematic, uncontrollable and violent. Larger than life negative characters have been repeatedly displayed on the big screen with these stereotypical cliché behaviors, and used as the focal point, or “hero” of the movie. Silver Lining Playbook is not just another one of Hollywood’s inaccurate depictions of mental illness. However, discrepancies are inevitable when the story line plays a greater precedence over accuracy.
Silver lining Playbook depicts the breaking point of a family unit, where a father and son struggle to accept the other, and a mother constantly seeks to find a resolution. Pat, performed by Bradley Cooper, is the focal character diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Pat had a particular initial trigger, unveiling his wife’s affair. The beating of his wife’s lover lands Pat in an 8-month sentence in a psychiatric hospital, leading us to the beginning of the movie, Pat’s release. He connects emotionally with Tiffany Maxwell performed by Jennifer Lawrence. She has an undisclosed mental illness and it is this disorder which helps her to relate with Pat. Tiffany’s mental illnesses are likely brought about by the death of her husband.
A discrepancy on the portrayal of bipolar disorder is found with the abundance of manic episodes, but scarcity of depressive episodes. The beating of Nikki’s lover is portrayed as a manic episode,…

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