Analysis Of The Movie ' Cold Blood ' Essay

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In Cold Blood, a known book all around for its creativity and masterpiece of reportage. In which the reason it’s said that In Cold Blood is a masterpiece of reportage is because this book was actually based on a true story were the Clutter family were murdered and because of the violence, profanity, and sex this book was later banned from school.
Truman Streckfus Persons was his name at first when his mother was still happily married to his father Arch Persons. Truman was born on September 30 in the year 1924 in New Orleans, Louisiana and died August 25 in the year 1925 in Los Angeles, California where he lived 60 disheartened and blissful years. After his parents’ divorce his last name was changed to Capote when his mother remarried, that’s when he started to move from place to place. In the year 1939 Truman moved to Greenwich, were he made some friends that encouraged him to begin drinking with them and because he didn’t want to lose his friends he started drinking with them, which caused his death. Breakfast at Tiffany’s was a very successful story and because of this he got more fame and eventually this let him to writing In Cold Blood. After he graduated from high school he started to work at The New Yorker, he also made important phone calls in which later got him the job to work as a frequent guest on television talk shows. Later on he wrote his first story “Other voices, Other rooms”, and because that same year that he was looking for his father, the people that…

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