Analysis Of The Movie ' Black Swan ' Essay

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Swan Lake is a popular ballet in which a girl is cursed and turned into a white swan. To return back to a normal state, the girl must find her prince. The white swan found her prince, but a mirror image of the girl, the black swan, tricked the prince. The white swan, having saw this trickery, knows she will never be freed of the curse because of this sabotage and kills herself. This story is included within the movie, Black Swan, not only as a production within, but also as a full encompassing storyline.
The movie Black Swan involves a New York City ballet company that decides to use Swan Lake as its season opener. The ballerinas are under tremendous pressure and competition because the white swan and black swan will be played by only a single ballerina, the swan queen, who has to be decided. The main character, Nina, a young woman who lives for dance, feels this pressure and tries out for the spot.
Nina is a perfectionist, she wants every move to be perfect and practices nonstop from the moments she wakes up until she falls asleep. She is distant from other people and really only converses with her mother, whom she lives with. She eats very little and is seen throwing up after stressful auditions suggesting that the pressure she is under has physical consequences. As the stress increases she begins showing symptoms that are atypical. The more stress she is under, the more her symptoms increase.
It begins with her trying to get the part of swan queen. With auditions, you can…

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