Analysis Of The Film ' Sankofa ' Essay

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Throughout the movie Sankofa it becomes very evident very quickly how prejudice and biased the whites are, even before you witness the whole slavery aspect of the film. Sankofa shows a brutal truth about The Caribbean’s past that many people, especially Caucasians, don’t like to mention or think about. Through my analysis I will look further into how the film and readings from the class coordinate with one another, as well as the whole process of Creolization for the Africans and the Americans.

Sankofa shows the Creolization of Africans to the American culture and how they slowly try and adapt to the language, as well as the new culture they have been introduced to. It also shows their adaptation to being slaves rather than indigenous people. In the film you notice how sometimes individuals will be speaking in their native language, but at other times they speak in English. For example, the film displays how Shango and Nunu switch in and out of the native language and English, showing some partial Creolization taking place. You also notice a great difference among the different characters. The more “important” slaves like Joe and Noble always speak English and not their native language, and present a sense of formality when the head master is around. This could be due to the fact that they were trying to please the master’s as well as being born and growing up into the culture, like Joe. Being born into such an environment made it easier for him to become accustomed and…

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